ICMIF Biennial Conference 2015
Why attend the ICMIF Biennial Conference?

Can you afford to miss this unique opportunity to hear from, and network with the most influential leaders in the insurance world?

  • The ICMIF Biennial Conference 2015 is like no other. This is the only event where you can you hear from and network with the policymakers who are shaping the future of our sector.

  • Add to this the opportunity to learn from the best of the world’s cooperative and mutual insurance leaders and you have the ‘must-attend’ international event of the year.

This year’s theme ‘More than insurance’ and our agenda will reflect the added value that cooperatives and mutuals bring to their markets and to the world that we live in as a whole.

  • At the ICMIF Biennial Conference 2015 we will showcase how our most successful member organizations go beyond what is traditionally expected from an insurer.

  • You will learn from mutual and cooperative insurers who place their customer/members at the heart of all decision-making – from underwriting, product development and investments to sales, service and claims – and, in turn, increase their market share.

  • The Conference will leave you inspired by cooperative and mutual leaders who also take responsibility for our planet by supporting local communities, work towards combating climate change and alleviating poverty. Discover how they motivate their staff, customers and other stakeholders to take action to make this world a safer, more sustainable place to live.

Our agenda
The cooperative and mutual insurance sector offers more than insurance: it creates real value for the future of our world. It provides solutions that enable people, communities and businesses to exist in safety and in harmony with their environment; it protects lives and livelihoods. The contribution of cooperative/mutual insurers to socio-economic development and environmental protection is vital, but has often been overlooked or undervalued.

The ICMIF Biennial Conference 2015 marks the advent of a new chapter for cooperative/mutual insurers as they step up to the world stage to influence the future of our financial systems and our natural world.

The ICMIF Biennial Conference 2015 brings to life the relevance and significance of ICMIF’s collaboration with headline organizations such as the United Nations on issues of resilience, climate change and financial sustainability. Our visible leadership has brought us to the forefront of the global discussions and policymaking that will change the face of the insurance industry and protect our planet.

The ICMIF Biennial Conference 2015 also shines a spotlight on the innovations that set ICMIF members apart from their competitors. Centuries-old cooperative/mutual values combine with twenty-first century insurance to meet the expectations of Generation Y; to manage and mitigate major losses; and to address emerging risks.

Our delegates and our objectives

The ICMIF 2015 Conference will be a global gathering of cooperative and mutual insurance leaders. High-profile external partners in ICMIF’s influencing work as well as selected external organizations which contribute to our business intelligence will also be present.

The Conference will examine the leadership challenges, strategies and successes in our sector within a unique international environment of cooperation and sharing. Each day includes plenary sessions featuring high-level guest speakers; ICMIF members’ own expert presenters; roundtable discussions; and interactive voting. The agenda also includes breakout sessions, offering delegates a choice of topics in all four conference languages to meet their individual needs and interests.

Additional networking opportunities during the conference programme, including evening and social events, will firmly ensure that your time at the ICMIF Conference delivers maximum value for you and your organization.